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牛津小学英语5A Unit 9 Shapes

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牛津小学英语5A Unit 9 Part A 第二课时教学设计

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   小学英语5A第九单元 A  Read and say


1四会掌握词汇: teach, fly, us, sun, moon

2进一步掌握句型:What shape is the…? It’s a…

3三会掌握日常交际用语: Come to the blackboard and show us how to do it



2能理解并正确运用日常交际用语:Come to the blackboard and how us how to do it. 以及句型: What shape is the…? / It’a…








Step1 Free talk

  About me引出话题。

T: Do you want to know sonething about me? (Yes.)

Look, who wants to read them for us?

I like dogs. I like apples. I like yellow. I like reading books and listening to music. I can draw pictures and make model planes.

What do you like?

Do you like...?

What can you do

Can you ...?

Show us how to...

出示句型 Show us how to do...

Step2 Review

1 T: Can you…? (Yes.)

  Show us how to…(操练句型)

  play basketball   play the piano   play the violin

  draw    sing    dance    play football …

2 出示教室图片

  T: What’s in it?

  S: There is a …

  T: Look at the TV, the blackboard, the map and the desks.

What shapes are they?

  S: They’re rectangles.

  T: Yes.

3 出示图片(Part C)

  What’s this?

  What shape is it? (出示句型)

S1S2 (6 groups)

4 出示六种形状的图

  T: Can you read and draw these shapes? (Yes.)

    Come to the blackboard and show us how to draw …


T: What is he/she doing? (He/ She is drawing …)

  How many … can you see? (I can see …) (出示句型)

Step3 Teaching the new words

1 出示太阳的图片

  T: What’s this?

  Teach: the sun (son读音相同)

  T: What shape is the sun?

  Ss: It’s a shape.

2 出示月亮的图片

  T: Is this the sun? (No.)

Teach: the moon (afternoon划线部分读音相同)

  T: Is the moon a circle, too? (Yes.)

3 Practise


 S1S2 (六组)

4 Task 1: 充分发挥想象用我们学过的图形画一幅画,并介绍。

Step4 Teaching the taxt

1 Watch the cartoon about Paret A

2 Task2: Give 5 questions to Ss

3 Learn the taxt, read it after the tape

4 Answer the questions

5 Read the taxt together

6 Act the taxt

7 Task3: Make and say (万圣节快到了,你可以用所给的图形拼成万圣节的礼物送给同学吗?小组合作并编一段对话。)

Step5 Do the exercises

Write and check: II. Read and choose. III. Read and complete.

Step6 Homework

1.Listen, read and act the dialogues.

2. Copy the words and sentences.

3. Draw a picture of shapes and introduce the picture in English.


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